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Fashion! This word reminds you of a gorgeous dress with loads of makeup. But the fact is fashion is not showing off, it is to give your body the best look in the world. Why is fashion so important? Because fashion is not all about the shiny models with a ridiculously expensive weird dress or makeup. Fashion means a lot. It represents the culture, society, and nation. Let us talk about some points that will help you to understand the importance of fashion.

Expressing yourself through fashion is the main.

• Fashion is the platform where you can represent yourself and your personality. It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes or shoes. Your personality will show how you can represent your sensibilities and personality.

• Fashion helps to create your first impression. With perfect wear in perfect time. If you wear a sports part on your first date then you can guess what impression will you have for the rest of your life.

• With fashion, you can show your creativity. The way dress, wear shoes and using other accessories may get a fashion trend for others. You don’t have to follow any rules. Just wear what you like out to use your creativity.

• Fashion helps to boost your economic life. To make address you have to create many posts to make It better like workers, crafters, designers, photographers and the list goes on.

• Fashion helps to boost the confidence. If you can show your confidence with your wearing then you are a smart and confident person.

• In the fashion industry, fashion is also related with entertainment. In the entertainment, models walk in a ramp with creative clothes. This makes the environment festive and enjoyable. With fashion, you can show your diversity and versatility. With fashion, you can show your individuality and personality.

• Fashion will help you to show your talent for the work of your clothes and design.

• Fashion helps to reflect on religion. Sometimes we are blind to religion for our clothes. But with it, we can make ourselves fashionable with little bit creativeness.

• Anyone recreates history with fashion. Fashion changes by the grace of time. If you want to wear the cloth then you can wear it with style and creativeness.

• You can also represent your culture with fashion sense. If you are native, you can represent your native cloth with different style and color.

• You can change your mood with fashion. Whenever you are bored or upset. Just go to some brand shop, observe their fashion then work on the design and apply your creativeness. You will be refreshed to see your creativity. Try it.

After going through the points, I think it is enough to learn about why is fashion so important. Fashion is not mean wearing a top branded cloth and shoe and using the expensive makeups or accessories. It means how to express your body with simple clothing in style. Just be confident and feel beautiful with the style and clothing you are wearing.

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