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As this year comes to a close, I’ve decided to gather all the crossovers into 1 collection. From 2014 & 2015, I’ve combined 2 episodes of “The Flash” & “Arrow” and merged both of them and this year’s “Invasion!” crossover; I’ve combined the 3 episodes (added with “Legends of Tomorrow”) including a “prologue” scene from “Supergirl” into 3 single supercuts each. The idea was to merge the episodes into TV movies with adding a few modifications that I’ve made & added.

Check it out!

01. Flash vs. Arrow: The Brave and the Bold

02. Flash & Arrow: Legends of Today and Yesterday

03. DC’s Invasion!

Here’s the weblink for you to download!


This is a moment for comic book television since “Smallville”. Since 2012, a billionaire was forged into a weapon, armed with a bow & arrow after being shipwrecked on an Island. A year later, a CSI got into an accident after being struck by lightning, dowse with chemicals. 9 months later, he became a speedster that breaks the laws of physics. During 2014, they collided with each other from going head to head to combining forces & building a friendship and partnership with one another (That same year for me I’ve combined and developed a crossover logo using both Flash & Arrow emblems which became an internet sensation). And along the way, they fought two rogues, an immortal & an alien invasion. There have been moments (together & individually) that sets a good example for everyone & there have been moments that are regrettable. But those regrets do not define them who they are. Both Flash & Green Arrow are both human. As crimefighters, they make the hardest, toughest choices, keeping secrets & make sacrifices to safeguard the people who they love and care the most, both of their respectable cities & the entire world.

In the end, they are heroes.

Whatever the future holds for both of them, though the up and downs, agreeing or disagreeing on an issue & the other evil forces out there on earth; off worlds or alternate universes, the bond between two superheroes will always find the way both together & as individuals. Lyla once said 2 years ago, “Sometimes bravery isn't enough. Sometimes the world requires us to be bold” and that is a different perspective on the title “The Brave and the Bold”. Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Combine them altogether, there are brave men who make bold choices but their journey thus far is their single step, and we’re looking forward what they’re next step is.

To Stephen Amell & Grant Gustin, Thank you both for embodying these heroes & in the last 2 words from the recent crossover,

Barry: “To things not being normal.”

Oliver: “To life being full.”



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