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(Warning: there are some seriously graphic images shown below. You have been warned.)

Sometimes real-life can be scarier than any horror film. Personally, when I see "based on a true story" next to a title, I have to watch it! It just seems scarier knowing that someone actually committed the crime.

Here are five murder mysteries that are so notorious, they are more intriguing than a lot of horror movies...

5. The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia, real name Elizabeth Short, was an aspiring actress, brutally murdered in 1947.

She was recently played by Mena Suvari in American Horror Story.

Found cut in half with all the blood drained from her body she was discovered my a mother walking with her young son.

It's been said she was hacked in half while possibly still alive, tied up with ropes while her attacker tortured her. She was also sexually assaulted.

Elizabeth also had huge cuts to either side of her mouth and was almost beyond recognition when she was found.

Lots of people came forward with possible leads, but the police never had enough evidence to catch her killer. Now, all these years later, could the killer still be at large? Or are they now also deceased?

One thing is for certain, it's unlikely they met such a grizzly demise as poor Elizabeth.

4. Keddie Murders

A brutal murder mystery that shocked a small community, a savage and merciless act that nearly killed an entire family.

A mother and her two sons were found beaten to death with a claw hammer, huge blood stains were found around the home, soaked into carpets, on furniture with smears and blood splatters going up the walls.

They were found with their mouths gagged and their hands and feet bound tightly together with electrical wire.

Sue Sharp and her son John had been stabbed repeatedly and beaten with a claw hammer. Johns friend, Dana, had been spared the stabbing, but was bludgeoned and strangled to death. A blade found at the scene had been used so vigorously the blade had bent backwards 25 degrees, which shows how frenzied the attack was.

Surprisingly, Sue's other sons and their friend sleeping next door were not injured and slept through the attack. Her elder daughter, who was staying next door, also escaped the ghastly fate of her mother and siblings.

One daughter however, 12 year old Tina, was missing. Kidnapped by the person who had just tortured and killed most members of her family. Police searched, but Tina was never found. Not until three years later when her skull was recovered.

Some say it might have been a hitchhiker the family might have picked up, but this has never been confirmed.

No clues, no motive, no culprit and no justice for this terribly unlucky family.

3. The Doodler

'The Doodler,' called this because he liked to draw his victims before he stabbed them to death (...what?!), killed 14 victims between 1974-1975.

Sadly, back then, there was much more a stigma associated with being gay, and this horrific person used that to his advantage, knowing that anyone that escaped would probably be scared into silence, fearful about coming out to the police and their families.

First he would make friends with his victims, and go with them to their home. He would then sketch them before savagely stabbing them to death. The fact he drew them makes it so creepy, like keeping trophies of his victims, or a reminder of what they looked like before he attacked them.

Three of his victims managed to escape, but, even with the attacks taking place in San Francisco, known for being much more accepting than other parts of America at the time, the witnesses refused to testify, fearing what would happen to them if they came out publicly.

Therefore no-one has ever been caught or punished for these disgusting crimes and the killer might still be walking free on the streets of San Francisco.

2. The Gonzalez Sisters

Masterminding a crime spree that spread across two decades, during the 1950s and '60s the Gonzalez Sisters were also sisters in crime. Delfina and María de Jesús González controlled a huge prostitution ring, and used torture and murder whenever they felt like it.

Placing normal job advertisements in the paper, they would lure young girls who were under the impression they were applying for a normal job.

The sisters were based at Rancho El Angel, near the city of San Francisco del Rincón in Guanajuato, Mexico. Once the girls arrived for their job interview they were kidnapped, tortured and sold as sex slaves. The girls were force-fed drugs until they became addicted and were then sold to other Madams at a cheap price.

Any girl that didn't comply was beaten by the sisters until they agreed to obey their rules. If a girl got sick or became pregnant they were murdered and buried on the ranch.

In 1964 three prisoners managed to escape and told the police, who turned up at the ranch with a search warrant.

What they found was truly disgusting: on the grounds of the farm there were the remains of 80 women, 11 men, and several fetuses buried around the estate.

The sisters were tried for their crimes, but the real mystery is, who are all the victims? What kind of severe torture did they have to endure? The sisters also only served 40 years each for the crimes, is that enough?

1. The Lovers Lane Murders

The murder of young couple Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson is as chilling as it is unbelievable. Found in woodland, both had been savagely killed by an unknown attacker, that still hasn't been found. Together they had gone to a place known locally in Houston as 'Lovers Lane,' an enclosed area of woodland given the nickname because that's where young couples used to go to make out.

Mysteriously the couple were not found in their car, but in woodland nearby. Andy had been raped, tied to a tree and also decapitated. Cheryl had met the same fate, although she was not tied up but found covered up with wooden boards with four deflated balloons and a crisp $20 bill beside her.

Police reports suggest that Andy agreed to be tied to the tree, probably to help bargain for the safety of his girlfriend. It's also been proved Cheryl was killed first, meaning poor Andy had to listen while his girlfriend was raped and murdered, unable to help her. Even though DNA samples were collected, the case has never been solved.

Who could do this to a young couple? Sadly, we may never find out.

Can you think of any real-life horrors that are scarier than a lot of movies? Post in the comments below.

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