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...hink could get a sequel. I not saying it shouldn't have a sequel, I am saying it can't. ordinarily a sequel would be easy, if the main character is still alive, continue their story and adventures, if the main character is dead bring in a new one. But inception is something else entirely, while Cobb isn't dead in the traditional sense, the whole thing may have been a dream. Inception possibly has the most ambiguous ending ever. the fact that we don't know the true fate of Cobb is what makes a sequel impossible, he is in a sense both alive and dead, we can't continue his story because we don't know if it he was dreaming, we can't have a prequel because we don't know if their ever was a beginning or if it was all a dream, and we can't fallow a new character because we don't know if the other characters ever even existed in the first place. but I loved Inception, and I love Christopher Nolan, so if they make a sequel, somehow I would still see it.

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