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Home Alone, is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. With it being Christmas time I recently watched this timeless classic. As I was watching this film, I found myself thinking "man! this kid would own in a zombie apocalypse"!

In Home Alone, young Kevin Mccallister is left home alone during the holidays. Throughout the movie Kevin shows himself to be both very smart and resourceful. He is able to figure out how to use what's around him to fool full grown adults. He is even able to fend off a couple of hardened (all be it stupid) criminals.

Let's talk about the whole booby trap sequence, the traps he sets up in this movie in real life would be incredibly lethal. For example paint can scene would have likely shattered the bandit's sculls, an maybe even broke their neck. The traps in Home Alone 2 are even more deadly! In one scene Kevin throws a brick from a tall building that smacks one of the bandits in the head, he does this 3 or 4 times. By all means, that bandit should be dead after that. You also have these bandits (dubbed the "Wet Bandits" in the first one, and renamed the "Sticky Bandits" in the second movie) getting burned, smashed, electrocuted, and even blown up. In short, Kevin Mccallister might as well be sitting over the dead mangle, bloody corpses of the sticky/wet bandits playing a guitar, singing "Through the Valley", because we know, he'll kill his enemies when they come.

you guys give up, or you thirsty for more
you guys give up, or you thirsty for more

In a zombie apocalypse, Kevin would be easily be able to handle himself, I don't think even Negan would want to mess with this little bad ass.

Hope you've enjoyed my article about how bad ass this Christmas icon is, and Happy Holidays!

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