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So the creator of The Loud House, Chris Savino was fired from nickelodeon. But fear not, The Loud House will still continue.

Here's a source

And here's a statement on the official Loud House Wiki

So it would seem that the show will do fine without Chris Savino. Chances are they will just get a new director.

One name I've heard was Kyle Marshall. Who worked on episodes such as. "One Flu Over The Loud House" (which was one of the best in the first season). As well as "Cheater by The Dozen." (one of the more edgy ones with it's subtle adult humor).

I'm pretty sure that Nickelodeon will find the right person to take the torch from Chris Savino.

There's really not much to say about this. It is what it is, and I'm glad the show wasn't cancelled.

I will say this,

In the Timeless words of Maxine Caulfield from Life is Strange, "Don't confuse art, with the artist" (get it? Timeless, she can bend time)

what I am trying to say, is don't hate on The Loud House just because the creator did terrible things (and can't take criticism). We should continue to support The Loud House, and any future episodes of it. It's not just Chris who made made the show, The Loud House was made by a team of talented writers artists and voice actors.

So here's to The Loud House, may it last many more seasons, despite Chris's absence.

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