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Believing everything you hear or read is not always the best practice… Do you agree?

With the changing technology, sensory overload, you may not be able to process and interpret everything that comes you way, but making sure that you do your homework before you act might save you from all the trouble. This can apply to every situation you can think of. For instance, you are reading this blog because you are in the process of selecting between the different security guard companies in USA, and you may have gone through many other blogs as well, but searching for, and processing information from a credible source is crucial to your satisfaction.

Security guard services in USA are no exception when it comes to myths. Here are 10 common myths about security guard companies / job / services in USA that will give you clarity, and restore your trust in this field again:

MYTH No.1 –Hiring a Security Guard Company – Too Much of a Cost!

No, they are not! When you choose a credible company to provide you security, the range and quality of services received, and the expenses incurred against these services can be weighed equally. Moreover, you will not have to provide any additional in-house training, so that is a plus. Overall, a premise without security could mean greater chance for robberies and break-ins.

MYTH No. 2 –Duties of a Security Guard can be Easily Performed by the Receptionist at the Front Desk, or the Stronger Member in the Family

Well, Hollywood movies have always depicted a security guard job in USA as a lazy job. Seeing a security guard sitting on a chair and staring away at the surveillance monitors is bound to give you the wrong picture, but real-life is not that simple. Armed or unarmed security guard in USA from renowned security firms are highly-driven individuals with a view of providing maximum security by offering a mix of surveillance skills and physical strength in a bid to deter crime.

MYTH No. 3 – Security Guard Companies Have No Authority

This misconception is one of the most common among individuals as well as corporate firms. Within their legal rights, security guard companies can follow proper protocols and subdue individuals that are trying to cause harm. Using lethal force and making citizens’ arrests, if absolutely necessary, is also within their protocols.

MYTH No. 4 – They Are Super-Heroes

Well, this is certainly not the case unless even if you are a fan of sci-fi, or more specifically Marvell movies. Security guards are human, and therefore you cannot expect anything too unreal like jumping off buildings or grabbing someone’s neck by the whip of a hunter, but you are bound to get excited when you see them in action.

MYTH No. 5 –Security Guard Are No Less of Bouncers

This is a myth. A security guard may be a bouncer, but a bouncer is not always a security guard. Therefore, do not mix up their roles and think that everything a bouncer is required to do will be performed by a professional security guard as well.

MYTH No. 6 – Security Guards are Shy, Mute People

This is absolutely wrong. Security guards are required to deal with people, If not always. This involves the interaction at the entry-points as well as any other information or action required to keep the premises safe.

MYTH No. 7 – Anyone Can Be A Security Guard

No, this is not the case. Security guard companies follow a rigorous hiring process seeking physical and mental strength. Even after this, comprehensive training is offered by credible security companies to make sure that their guards are not off their game.

MYTH No. 8 – You Have Hired A Security Guard Company, So Now Hi-tech Alarm Systems Are No Longer A Requirement.

This is one of those things that can make a difference. A modern, comprehensive alarm system offers a greater layer of security as it is connected to the law enforcement agencies and notifies them automatically.

MYTH No. 9 – A Gun Is Plenty of Security

No, definitely not! Security guards are trained people; therefore, they are better off firing a gun shot in extreme cases as opposed to you.

MYTH No. 10 -Security Guard Companies in USA Create a Hype of Security Threats

Just one sentence… “It Is BETTER to be SAFE than SORRY”.

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