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A Dark Horse/Wild Card

Lou Baron's take on Al Green's " Let's Stay Together" is infused with a Woman's steely Strength with a bit of funk along with soul, all mashed up in one iconic number; a great voice that is soothing yet strongly belted out with ease.

Released in the fall of 2016, the fourth Album she released garnering an EOTM Critic Score: 91 (out of 100), Lou disclosed that she was recording the song with eyes closed, like Al Green was beside her, coaching her. “I recorded vocals with my eyes closed. I wanted to envision Al Green NEXT to me … Coaching me,” Baron shared in a recent interview.

ALL SCENES FROM HER MOVIE " MACHU NURIN". ( 1983) Gloria DIAZ , first Miss Universe from the Philippines ,1969 and Joseph Estrada, former president of the Philippines , 1998-2001.. " MUHAMAD ALI, LOURDES DUQUE BARON , Apollo XI astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Mickey Mouse to represent living symbols of the vitality of the Constitution, to ride on the Rose Parade

Sounding like nothing else out there, distinct even from Al Green, Barons take on Let’s Stay Together is matchless, sexy without being over bearing and next level out while being street corner down. A superb swansong.-EOTM

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