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A Dark Horse/Wild Card

The Book will be available ON DEMAND at SHOPIFY to be printed in the Philippines to make the book prices affordable for Filipino readers on delivery. National Bookstore and Power Books is being tapped to carry the Titles in the Philippines this year.

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Award winning Steven Escobar Attends I Called Myself Cassandra by Lourdes Duque Baron
Award winning Steven Escobar Attends I Called Myself Cassandra by Lourdes Duque Baron

About the Author from Google Books: Lourdes Duque Baron, MHA, MSG, is a Catholic baby boomer and the wife of Dr. Robinson V. Baron. Upon embarking on this incredible journey, she has dedicated her life to spreading the message of Padre Pio. In late 2012, she will open a shrine of St. Pio da Pietrelcina in the convent of the Trinitarians of Mary on 3009 E. Cameron Avenue in West Covina, California. Somewhere in the process of putting this book together, I had a self-realization: the lost soul that I desired to save belonged to me. And so, while I penned the simple truth of our great trials and tribulations, I found God speaking to me. I found myself in the middle of a transformation. It was March 16, 2011. I had just finished reading The 33 Doctors of the Church by the Capuchin author Fr. Christopher Rengers, O.F.M. Cap. It was an account of the lives of saints who shaped the hearts and minds of the Catholic Church. In my study, I had a new revelation every time I came to a new page in the book, prompting me to develop this incessant need to turn to the next, to seek out the next revelation. I came to realize how little I knew of my faith and it became clear to me that I have not only been keeping Jesus at a distance, but that I have been offending my Lord for the past 64 years of my life."

"Scripted in Heaven was officially launched in June 2014, a book event graced by Award winning Esteban “Steven” Escobar who gamely attended the book signing “I Called Myself Cassandra" by Lourdes Duque Baron” held at The Barrios’ Hilltop Glendale Mansion 3021 Waverly Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

"I Called Myself Cassandra" follows the falling in and out of love of a young woman who tells a seductive story about her encounters and experiences in her quest to mend her broken heart. It's a tale of a very deep love that withered - even threatened to tear a family apart, but in the end, never died. While the author's preceding book "Scripted In Heaven" followed the triumph over the turbulent times she and her husband faced when he was stricken with cancer; the prequel "I Called Myself Cassandra" is a tale of their tormenting times together as wife and husband, during which both sinned against not only each other, but more against their family and the God they did not know. Many might say that the story is an exploitative tale as it includes very intimate details of sex and the multiple extra-marital affairs. However, it is really a chance for the author to show that human desires cause many people to make mistakes, which defiles the purest of loves and the supposed sanctity of marriage."

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