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Following her brief pause from social media after her horrific Paris ordeal back in October, the internet welcomed Kim Kardashian West back online with open arms in early 2017. However, after getting back into her selfie groove, the reality TV star has once again ruffled some feathers in a slew of recent posts.

On 4/20 — internationally known as Weed Day — Kimmy took to Instagram to flog her new Kimoji line and in the process, rubbed quite a few people up the wrong way. Despite the fact that the mother-of-two definitely does not smoke marijuana, alongside a flashing image of cannabis and a series of weed themed merchandise, she also unveiled herself as a psychedelic Virgin Mary on a candle often seen as integral to Mexican Catholic culture.

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Superimposing her own face on the mother of Christ to a backdrop of baby blue clouds, clearly suffered a slight lapse of judgement in assuming that her fans would jump at the chance to own the $18 candle.

Much to Kimmy's surprise and probably that of momager Kris Jenner — who is already having a pretty bad month if Kendall's Pepsi ad is anything to go by — people got really mad about the new Kimoji merch. Here are a few examples of the shit storm that broke out on Twitter:

Admittedly, it's understandable why Kardashian fans are finding the new Kimoji line offensive. After all, these Prayer Candles are frequently used by Catholics all over the world and usually depict religious figures such as Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, if you happen to be of the opinion that Kim's Virgin Mary candle is quite disrespectful, you're not alone. So, while you wait to see if the merchandise will be pulled as a result of public outcry, why not opt for her comfortable "fire weed socks" ($12) or useful "ass tray" ($35) instead?


If you had to buy one piece of Kimoji merchandise, what would it be?

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