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There were many movies that drove the box office in 2016 and while the industry was rich with quantity, many movies lacked the quality that audiences expected. With a new year, Hollywood has another opportunity to grace the silver screen with many audience anticipations in the comic, horror, sci-fi, and fairytale genres.

This year seems to be promising, but last year put that same feeling in our mouths just to leave us feeling dehydrated. So let's prepare to protect ourselves this movie season and take a look at 17 highly anticipated films to determine which will RISE UP and which will FALL FLAT.

1. Justice League

Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and each offered audiences miniscule entertainment with non-coherent, convoluted, and bland storytelling. Now, will attempt to remedy past mistakes with a movie containing at least 6 main characters. Sorry, but the past does not instill confidence in Warner Bros. ability to manage such a feat.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

2. War for the Planet of the Apes

What a pleasant surprise both Dawn/Rise of the Planet of the Apes were. Solid storytelling, top-notch visuals, cool science, and engaging characters have made this prequel to the original Planet of the Apes a celebrated franchise. Add Woody Harrelson for the conclusion of Caesar's journey and to the war that has been 2 movies in the making and it's hard to see anything but a winner.

Verdict: RISE UP

3. Logan

Deadpool was highly successful as it shattered past the PG-13 wall for current comic book films. Now that the path has been paved, the final installment of the trilogy looks to build on the violence and grittiness that an R-rating allows. The previous installment, "Wolverine" was leaps and bounds better than its predecessor "Origins". Now that the training wheels are off, I expect a sophisticated, dramatic, and successful take on the Weapon X survivor. Also, bias warning, X-23 is one of my favorite comic book characters and I'm more pumped for her than any other aspect of the story.

Verdict: RISE UP

4. Beauty and the Beast

's next installment of their live-action originals includes the ever-loved, UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. Already receiving praise for her vocals on "Something There" and for her progressive treatment of the character, Watson appears to be the perfect fit for Belle. Disney's live-action remakes of their animated films have been hit and miss so far, with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and the recent Jungle Book being praised, while Maleficent and Cinderella didn't receive as much love. I expect to land straight in the hearts of viewers.

Verdict: RISE UP

5. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Same cast. Same director. Same feeling from the trailer. Add Ego the Living Planet and Baby . Come on. No explanation is needed.

Verdict: RISE UP

6. It

The famous Stephen King novel was originally adapted as a two-part miniseries in 1990 with Tim Curry portraying , the most used form of an inter-dimensional predator that takes the form of peoples' phobias. The story is told across two time periods: when a group of outcast children called the Loser's Club first encounter Pennywise and over 20 years later when the Loser's Club returns to stop Pennywise's reemergence. Both the miniseries and the remake are billed as a supernatural drama, but the miniseries seemed to lack in the traditional horror department, while early pictures of the remake appear to be embracing it. A turn to horror can only make Pennywise that much more menacing and the symbolism of the story that much more memorable.

Verdict: RISE UP

7. Kong: Skull Island

I envision doing for what Dawn of the Planet of the Apes did for the Planet of the Apes franchise. There's no question about the talent of the film's cast, with Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, and Samuel L. Jackson. Taking King Kong home, rather than supplant him on the Empire State Building, was the smartest move that could have been made. Now it's Kong's land and Kong's rules and it will be the monster movie the world didn't realize it wanted. The only concern for this movie is if they try too hard to push that it takes place in a shared universe with Godzilla.

Verdict: RISE UP

8. Thor: Ragnarok

I surprised myself here. was mediocre origin story and while Thor: The Dark World was fun to watch, it was nowhere near the standard Marvel was holding at that point. With Marvel in its third phase of movies, it's hard to think they haven't figured out how to portray a Thor story successfully. The important role this movie is expected to have towards and the inclusion of Hulk may be the formula needed for a Thor movie to stand next to the pantheon of epic Marvel films.

Verdict: RISE UP

9. Wonder Woman

The one bright spot of BvS was Gal Gadot's portrayal of Diana Prince/. She not only brought class and elegance to the character, but a ferocity that had many fans praising her role. Now she will fly solo in her own film that has two large advantages over BvS and Justice League: no Zack Snyder and it follows one character. I think this will be DC's first great recipe in the DC cinematic line.

Verdict: RISE UP

10. Transformers: The Last Knight

There will be explosions. There will be too much time spent on the human story and not the titular characters. is still directing so you can expect all of the usuals from the first 4 films. Even the initial movie fell flat, while every film after that has been a cool-to-watch robot version of Twisted Metal, but nothing special. No reason to expect anything different, but hoping for Unicron to make an appearance and make me a liar.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

11. Power Rangers

Unfortunately, was doomed to fail the minute it was announced. The franchise has so much nostalgia infused in it that it could never live up to the Jason David Frank days of Tommy Oliver. You include the sci-fi/alien twist to the plot and observe the backlash it has already received for that and you see a movie that people have graded a "D" before it's even released. I think it will be an awesome alternate telling and will be first in line to see it, however, when you reboot someone's childhood, you're nearly always doomed to disappoint.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

12. Spiderman: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming will be a really good movie. After a minimal role in , Tom Holland is already being treated like he's the second-coming of Jesus for his portrayal of the high school-aged web-slinger. I think, like Power Rangers, this is a film that will be heavily affected by what it represents: the third iteration of Marvel's poster boy in just 15 years. Along with that Spidey-fatigue, Marvel is taking a risk with B-level villain Vulture. With the track record that Marvel is gaining with its "one-and-done" villains, runs a big risk of not meeting the expectations of the new .

Verdict: FALL FLAT

13. The Fate of the Furious

A franchise that began as a fast car-fueled action series was rejuvenated with a return to the original cast and took a leap forward as one of the biggest action/heist franchises with Fast Five. A seemingly new trilogy emerged from that film and was met with great success. After tragedy struck with the passing of , the franchise should have ended on the high emotional note that was the end of Furious 7. However, the cash cow continues with the eighth installment of the series and a large emotional hole that can't be filled with the leaning towards a psychological traitor storyline.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

14. Alien: Covenant

Most people can barely describe what happened in Prometheus, but they sure could tell the ending of the movie set the stage for Alien. Ridley Scott is still at the helm, which is promising, but it still exists as part of a sequel series for Alien. Prometheus was a movie that was sold as having no connection to , and outside of the end it didn't, which allowed it to successfully serve as its own movie. , however, is making no attempts to hide its Alien-relation, which is not a positive thing, since all but the original were worth anything. It looks like a repeat of every other Alien movie. The original worked because it was original, this will fail because it's not.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

15. The Mummy

......Who asked for this? I sure didn't. I wasn't aware that The Mummy needed a remake. I don't think Universal did either, which might explain why they hired Tom Cruise, a recognizable name, to attempt at drawing a larger audience. This is supposed to be part of a shared "Monster-verse" which will include remakes of all the classic movie monsters, such as Dracula, Invisible Man, and Wolf Man. I guess the concept is cool, but with a summer release and the blockbusters that are already scheduled, I don't think the general public even notices it's there.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

16. Star Wars Episode VIII

It has always been difficult to stop the juggernaut that is . Episodes 1-3 garnered so much negative attention, yet everybody and their mother STILL watched them. Recent successes of Episode VII and Rogue One will definitely aid in the continued success, as well as the one-a-year strategy Disney appears to be taking which helps keep everything relevant (until it feels like overkill, that is). You add in the untimely passing of Leia herself and this movie could be a crap shoot and even the harshest critic will find a bright spot to focus on.

Verdict: RISE UP

17. Rings

Another attempted sequel to a horror movie that has already had a sequel that failed. The standard for the current horror genre in America is being set by two things: James Wan and indie horror. The initial trailer appears to play out the same ole same ole of every other generic horror film. Stop trying to live off the seeds of a very distant path. Originality is winning the horror game right now and will be far from that.

Verdict: FALL FLAT

What movie are you most looking forward to in 2017? Leave your comments below.

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