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Video discussing if La La Land is really a musical. (Written article underneath)

La La Land won 7 Golden Globes and one of those was for best musical, but is it really a musical? La La Land is a fantastic film, that is truly delightful and it definitely did deserve to win those Golden Globes! However I'm not sure if we can really class it as a true musical, now from the start of the film we do get four musical numbers which are all very close together and then a final two musical numbers at the end. For an hour though there is no musical numbers, there is tiny bits of Jazz music played but this is just the background music with no singing. So this is where I questioned if this is really a musical. That hour is just conversations and the big dialogue driven bit of the film.

Now if we look at films like The Muppets, most of those have musical numbers, sometimes even three or four songs but we never call them musicals. The same goes for Team America World Police, that has musical songs but thats not classed as a musical. There's many films that do this. So why is it that La La Land gets a pass on being a musical? I know this is probably down to the studios saying to call it a musical because of what it does, but for me I left the cinema questioning if I can really call it a musical. If someone asked me about best new musicals, this wouldn't be in there, because for me it isn't really one. I'm not saying it's a bad film, it is a fantastic film and I do seriously love it. I just don't think it really fits in the musical genre properly.

What is your opinion on this? Say in the comments if you think La La Land is really a musical?

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