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January is the dump month for bad Horror movies. It's been like this for the past five years. When I see that a Horror movie is getting released in January I lose all hope of it being good. I thought maybe with The Bye Bye Man it would be different, but nope it's not. Here we have once again another terrible Horror in January.

With it being put in January it's very forgettable and just feels like the movie studios released it now, so we would forget about it for the rest of the year. For me it's one of the worst Horrors I've ever seen. There's nothing good I can really say about it. Everything that generic Horror movies do is right here, the pointless over the top jump scares, the cliches, the stupid characters, everything we've come to expect. There's nothing new or original. There's a lot of continuity and the script is really horrible.

The Bye Bye Man is never really explained too, there's no true reason as to why The Bye Bye Man is there, his origins are never explained, he also has a dog with him and well that's not explained as to why he has that. The CGI for the dog is atrocious too and looks straight of 1990. I do sort of feel bad for being mean about movies like this, but it's hard not to when this movie is just a complete mess. There's no real ending too, it just feels rushed and isn't really a proper closer, just leaves the audience feeling like they've wasted their time watching this movie.

The Bye Bye Man is really bad. In the movie they say "Don't think it. Don't say it." about The Bye Bye Man. I will just say don't see it because it's terrible. Don't waste your time.

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