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I love all things zombie and having suspense drawn out to build up tension. I like out right jumps and i appreciate a good scare.

The Walking Dead season 7 returned to the U.K on Monday the 24th of October with an emotional, heart wrenching and explosive episode.

Spoilers below for last nights UK premiere episode of The Walking Dead. Proceed with caution.

The months of wait were over for many fans who had been left after season 6 with the cliff hanger of which survivor(s) met Lucille. Last night's episode revealed that it was in fact Abraham and Glenn who met Lucille. This was a theory that I strongly believed in due to the foreshadowing on the show of Glenn's fate and also the character development with Abraham. Here is a link to my article about the subject if you would like to read it .

Now that Negan has been introduced to the group of survivors ( or what is left of them) quite a few questions have been raised. Such as,

How Will Rick Cope With Negan's Demands?

Right Hand Man
Right Hand Man

Rick Grimes has been the group's leader since season 1. He has gone through the hell of killing his best friend, losing his wife, thinking his daughter was dead, Carl his son almost died at least twice and that is just some of the torture that Rick has endured up until this point. With the horrific events that came to be in the premiere episode, Rick has just witnessed true horror for the first time in The Walking Dead.

Negan informs Rick that he must now serve him. He must pay Negan every week or the other survivors die in true Negan style-with Lucille. This and the fact that Negan almost made Rick cut Carl's arm lead to Rick agreeing to the terms.

At the end of the meeting with Rick and Negan Maggie tells Rick that he has to fight Negan. They have to retaliate. However with two deaths, psychological terror imposed on Rick and Negan taking Daryl- would this be the best move?

Personally I think this season will follow the comic books quite closely and this gives us some indication of events are to unfold. In the comic books I personally found Negan to be the more dominant of the two personalities. His cruelty seems to be beyond comprehension and his domineer while causing such horrific acts makes him a strong advisory. The biggest advisory our group has had to deal with yet.

In the comic books Rick does indeed retaliate but with fatal consequences. Negan has a very big army, he now has Daryl, he has killed two survivors and inevitably changed the social group indefinitely. We know from the trailer that he has a compound and a system for dealing with those who don't kneel. His men are very well organised and armed. This would make an all out assault unlikely and any plan of action would take time. I personally think that, for the first few weeks at least, Rick is going to have to bow to Negan's demands and pay him.

Although Rick will not like the submissive role and will loath every interaction with him for the horror that he and all the survivors(including his son and girlfriend) witnessed, for the death of their fallen survivors and for the brutality Rick was subjected to at his hands, however not only must he pay Negan he also has to show him understanding for what he has done and show Negan complete respect while doing so.This is the price that must be paid for Negan's protection.

What Will Rick Do Now?
What Will Rick Do Now?

It is possible that with Negan gone, if he were to be killed for example then Rick could potentially lead the new group, but loyalties seem to belong to Negan. Many of his subjects disagree with his methods but through fear they are controlled.

In the trailer for The Walking Dead season 7 we seen Negan waking through a courtyard almost, and every person there took a knee as he passed. This is obviously a submissive gesture that has been drilled into his subjects through horror and fear.

With this method of rule Negan has gathered a large army and this makes the survivors heavily outnumbered. However let us not forget The Kingdom.

The Kingdom

King Ezekiel
King Ezekiel

The Kingdom is run by King Ezekiel. Two of our survivors Morgan and Carol have just met up with members of the Kingdom who have offered to help as Carol is wounded. Reluctantly Morgan has accepted their offer and both he and Carol are heading to the Kingdom.

The trailer for season 7 did not show too much of The Kingdom , but what we did see was a very good infrastructure, fresh vegetables growing, a school and quite a few able bodies. Oh and that King Ezekiel has a tiger!

There is a small hope that The Kingdom could unite with Alexandria and that between the both of them there would be enough men and women to challenge Negan and his crew.

Loyalties are unknown when it comes to King Ezekiel , but this seems to be the only hope our survivors have at taking Negan and his crew down. However the world moves slowly in The Walking Dead and we have no idea how long it would take for such a meeting to happen. We can only hope that it would be quick enough to minimize Negan's impact on the group.

As season 7 gets underway I personally think that casting department were right with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. The character has a subtle charm about him which is hard to portray but Jeffrey Dean Morgan does the role justice. Negan is a true villain in the sense that you either hate him for the destruction and position the survivors are now in or you love him as a fresh new character with a limitless possibility of horror to be unleashed and a whole load of potential as a character and a leader.

There has been negative views towards the first episode for being too violent and gory. The show producers have been targeted for being to horrific with the slaying and even Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been attacked for even portraying the character. However the show producers are very experienced and they know what they are doing as is evident by the shows huge success of 17.3 million viewers on Sundays premiere episode in the US.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of Negan is absolutely perfect and true to the comic books. The violence and gore- which there is a warning before the show that it contains scenes of violence and gore- were necessary to help cement the cruelty that Negan is willing to inflict to continue to rule. The gore,violence and horror helped make that episode as brutal as it was. Jeffrey Dean Morgan must be doing a spectacular job of portraying Negan or fans would not feel this strongly towards his character.

I hope that The Walking Dead has not lost any fans over the latest episode as I , for one , am looking forward to the unveiling of Negan and his compound, The Kingdom and King Ezekiel and also in seeing what our survivors do next? Hopefully we get some answers before season 7 is finished.

What do you think? Was the violence gore and horror necessary or was it shock tactics? Let me know below . However that is all for this time folks-Ciao!


Was the violence gore and horror in The Walking Dead's ' Right Hand Man' Episode Too Much?





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