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...ation. It was you who attacked my simple statement and found it necessary to call me closed minded without knowing anything about my position. Narrow minded views? More ignorant attacks on your part young man. Obviously you're the one who is ignorant since you found it necessary to respond to my simple comment. Grow up and learn to accept others opinions that dontt agree with yours. Good day to you." Well, clearly this isn't as easy as you might be hoping for, as I regret to inform you that as long as you keep replying to me, and trying to put me in "my place" and lump me in with the Web Trolls, I'm going to say something back. I tend to avoid arguments, and actually loathe confrontation. I suggest you take your own advice, and "grow up and learn to accept others opinions", because you clearly take issue with mine. If you don't respond to this reply, then you'll never hear from me again. Simple as that.

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