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...r two) didn't matter to me, as they already came across like something created by somebody who was higher than a kite, and danced to the beat of their own drum as it is. And despite Paul's point being a valid one, that doesn't mean we have to wallow in the despair of others, or our own. I understand he did this because of the circumstances in which he grew up, but most of these characters were created as an escape from the sometimes dismal existence some of us may live (and in the case of drug addicts, it's partially their fault), so he kind of devalued them and missed the point. Sure, some people have it bad. But maybe there's a reason people don't want to think about these things? Isn't entertainment (especially cartoons) supposed to be an escape? I find it a lot more tragic when somebody can't enjoy some creative fantasy, and has to constantly remind people how much life may suck.

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