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...en after 2 solos & 2 AVENGERS appearances many people would maintain that the MCU has *STILL* given Thor the short end of the stick. His first movie was heavy w/ S.H.I.E.L.D. exposition his 2nd movie was a trailer for his 3rd & his 'showdown' w/ Ultron was him stalling so Vision could put the hammer down on dear old dad! Ragnarok had better be a prime example of gallows humor @ its best. FOX's X-MEN: APOCALYPSE is in GREAT hands IMHO *BUT* I WON'T be crying if this new FF leaves us w/ a cliff=hanger before going back to the MCU a la TASM! As for DC, I liked MOST of the TDK trilogy did & I will see BVS *BUT* I agree there needs to be some forem of levity wheteher its gallows humor from the civilliians ("So who do WE root for the buildings?") or the villains ("I get to fight the loser FIRST!")

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