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Mercenary Kings for PlayStation 4 is a delightful combination of 2D side scrolling combat with customization options that are also a visual delight.

The game itself is free if your a ps plus member, but can also be purchased for a modest price. (either way this game is not to be missed).

It’s a frantic action game in which you must rescue your captured comrades and take down CLAW.

CLAW is an evil organization that has seized a Laboratory base and you must use whatever skills and friends you have to take them down.

At the beginning of the game you will be greeted with a welcome screen, beyond that you will then be given options to customize the look of your character as well as have up to 4 friends join your game via split screen in order to help you out. There is also an online mode, which runs flawlessly, but in order to activate it you must go to the robot at the camp and select whether you would like anyone to be able to join you or just friends. You can also invite people too.

The game takes a little time to get into but once you’ve conquered the first few missions you’ll gain the necessary people at your camp in order to purchase various items and weapon customizations.

The customizations are awesome, each visually unique that change various weapon stats from damage to fire rate etc.

The game’s art style is really cool reminding me of the Metal Slug series yet no way at all identical to it.

Gameplay is also fun and engaging with each mission different from the last introducing increasingly difficult enemies as you play through them.

There is also a ranking system with your initial starting rank recruit, but after you complete various missions you can work your way up the ranks.

It’s an increasingly tough game, enemies vary from easy to extremely hard all having their own unique look, weapons and abilities.

A sense of achievement is felt after you complete each level, but you have to be quick to complete it as enemies respawn fast and catch you off guard if you’r too slow. The timer will also eventually reach zero and you will inevitably fail the mission.

Controls are quick and precise whether you opt in to using the analog sticks or the D-Pad for movement. The touch pad is also used to view the map in its entirety.

Audio whilst bringing back nostalgia from the 8-bit era is pleasing to the ear and never gets boring even after hours of play.

Overall, I had a great time with mercenary kings, the campaign stretches roughly eight hours with fun around every corner and an online mode that runs without any hitches at all.

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