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This post is as spoiler free as possible, but if you haven't seen , be careful, some might slip through the cracks especially seen as these are random episodes from throughout the seasons.

With fast approaching it's time to do a post about one of my favourite shows, Friends. Below are the top 3 Christmas episodes, the ones that you should definitely watch, so let's get started!

3) The One Where Rachel Quits

In third place we have episode 10 of season 3. In this episode:

  • Rachel quits her job thanks to some prompting from Joey and Chandler, but tries to look forward and get another, better job.

  • Ross accidentally breaks the leg of a little girl, who is a Brown Bird, and tries to help her sell her cookies in way of making it up to her.

  • Phoebe can't stand seeing Christmas trees being cut down, and ends up putting Joey's job as a tree-seller in jeopardy.

Monica also appears in this episode. One way in which she does, is that she ends up helping Joey save the Christmas trees that are going to be destroyed, and sets them up in her living room to help make Phoebe's Christmas a little better.

Why it's number 3:

  • It feels like this episode is the start of Rachel going on to do some of the great things we see her do later in the show (in terms of her career).

  • The Christmas side of the episode is small, but also quite touching (if you don't mind spoilers check the one above to see why!)

The scene near the end of the episode where the little girl can't go to space camp so Ross, Chandler, and Joey create her own little space camp is one of my all time favourites in the series!

2) The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie

In second place we have episode 10 of season 4. In this episode:

  • Ross meets a girl from Pougkeepsie on the train, but can't choose between her and another girl.

  • Rachel hates being alone and Chandler promises to set her up with someone, but she is furious when she finds out what he's been telling people. Things don't go any better after that.

  • Monica is still being picked on at the restaurant, and hires Joey so she can show everyone who the boss is, but it doesn't go exactly to plan.

  • Phoebe finds it hard to write a holiday song for her friends because it's hard to make everything rhyme.

The reason it's number 2:

  • Every character's story line is at least in some way interesting to watch, they're also evenly spread out so if there is one you don't enjoy, then that's okay, because the others are there for you.

  • You get to see dynamics that we really don't see often enough, but they're beautiful when we do. (It's Joey/Monica and Rachel/Chandler). Those story lines also give a lot of insight into how close those characters are.

  • The Christmas theme isn't too heavy in this one, at least not till near the end.

The song that Phoebe finally puts together is super catchy. Seriously.

1) The One With The Holiday Armadillo

In first place we have the best Christmas episode, episode 10 of season 7. In this episode:

  • Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hanukkah, but faces some problems along the way.

  • Phoebe tries to convince Rachel to move back into their apartment, and tries to drive a wedge between Rachel and Joey.

  • Chandler repeatedly tries to get a table at a nice restaurant for him and Monica.

Why it's number 1:

  • The others do cross in Ross' story line so we get to see the gang together.

  • It doesn't focus just on Christmas, but it still feels very festive and the setting is just very wintery.

  • Everyone's story lines are funny and interesting in some way.

The ending scenes where Ross is dressed as the armadillo, Chandler as the bunny, and Joey as Superman is hilarious. Especially when Rachel and Phoebe walk in late.

So that's it for this little Christmas post. If you're a Friends fan let me know which is your favourite! If you're not, let me know if you plant to watch any!

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