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The Fox show Gotham has a lot of great characters, some that are known in the world and others that aren't, but the problem Gotham has is that a lot of its characters get left behind or pushed to the side.

In this article you will find 5 of those characters who deserve to be brought back or used better and more often, and the reasons as to why that is.

5) Barbara Kean

At the bottom of the list we have Barbara Kean. The main reasons she is this far down is because 1) she is used quite frequently, just not to the best standard, and 2) it seems like she might actually get a decent story line in season 3.

However, so far Barbara has kind of just been there. She has mostly been a part of other people's story lines. There are occasions where she does seem to share the spotlight, but in the end she's usually left behind. Whatever happens never really seems to follow through and become more. Considering all the stuff she's been through in the show, it's a surprise that she's not bigger at this point.

Barbara has changed a lot since we first met her in season 1 and it seems like such a shame that she hasn't been used better. It's finally starting to feel like she's stepping into something bigger and better in season 3 and that the show has finally figured out what they want to do with her. Her story has been interesting, but it hasn't always been about her, usually a lot of what happens to/with her is to further someone else's story or to keep her relevant enough so that she can be kept in the show.

You can recap on Barabra's story so far here.

Barbara Kean in Season 2 Episode 1
Barbara Kean in Season 2 Episode 1

4) Leslie Thompkins

Next we have Lee. Similarly to Barbara she is in the show quite a bit, but shes not used to the best possibility. Also Lee seems to only be present for other people's story lines, which is a shame because she's such a great character and Morena Baccarin is such a great actress.

In season 3, with her connection to the Falcone's, it feels like she might finally get a decent story line where she at least gets to share the spotlight. One of the major problems with Lee is that she does get involved with some big plots, but is always left behind.

In episode 8 season 2 when she and Jim are kidnapped by Barbara, Lee seems to have quite a huge part in that story even if a lot of it is primarily about Jim. We get to see her share the spotlight with him a little, only to be temporarily left behind because really it's about Jim (and Barbara). And this isn't the only example. She deserves to have a story in which she is the main focus, or in which she is there along side the person she shares the spotlight with when the story line comes to an end.

You can recap on Lee's story so far here.

Leslie Thompkins in Season 2 Episode 3
Leslie Thompkins in Season 2 Episode 3

3) Harvey Dent

The reason Harvey Dent is at this point in the lift is because Nicholas D'Agosto who plays him has been working on a TV series called Trial & Error that is to be released next year and he does play the a major part, so it's understandable that he hasn't come back into Gotham yet, and also made it difficult to place him higher with the knowledge that him not coming back just yet could be out of the show's hands, for now at least (they could always recast).

However, putting that reasoning inside Harvey Dent was so well played in the show that his absence was noticed, and it makes it impossible to put him lower down on the list. Harvey Dent is one of the most well known Batman characters and he was so great and easy to watch in Gotham. You didn't have to watch him for long before you began to realise how heartbreaking it would be to see him become Two Face.

The fact that he stopped being in the show would have been just fine (as of right now) if he wasn't so compelling. He's a character that needed to have a long, decent story line and then disappear for a bit to give the show a chance to follow someone else for a while.

One thing with the new season is that Oswald can't be mayor forever, so perhaps Harvey could come back and run for mayor, giving him a reason to come back into the show.

You can recap on Harvey's story so far here.

Harvey Dent in Season 1 Episode 9
Harvey Dent in Season 1 Episode 9

2) Victor Zsasz

Considering how much everyone (fans, cast, crew, etc) seem to love him, it's insane that he doesn't get more screen time. Whenever Zsasaz is on screen he's interesting and it always seems to end far too quickly. It's very clear that he's only used to further other people's stories, and it's a shame considering how interesting his own story line could be.

Earlier on we got to see him carve tally marks into his arm every time he killed someone, but then the show seemed to just drop it. The tally thing is something from the comics, and in some versions he's covered head to toe in them. Perhaps the show realised they had introduced that too soon and needed to back out, but either way that is an interesting detail about Zsasz that really should be explored again.

It would be very easy for them to build up a story for Zsasz. A lot of fans would just be happy to have him on screen again, even if he was more of a secondary/background character for a bit until a time came in which he gets to step forward and claim the spotlight. Anthony Carrigan plays him so well and whenever he's on screen he captures everyone's attention and steals the show whether that was intended or not.

Gotham is really missing something with this one. They should be grasping a character (and actor) as good as this with both hands and refuse to let go, because garaunteed a Zsasz-centric story line would be loved.

You can recap on Zsasz's story so far here.

Victor Zsasz in Season 2 Episode 4
Victor Zsasz in Season 2 Episode 4

1) Jonathan Crane

Taking top place is Jonathan Crane. Although he's far from becoming the Scarecrow we did see a glimpse into how that whole thing could look in Gotham's version. The problem we have is that Jonathan Crane was such an interesting character and Charlie Tahan played him so well that it seems a disservice not have more of him.

We only really got to see the beginning of Jonathan's story. The show could very easily bring him back after all this time. Considering he only appeared in two episodes he was well received, and most people are incredibly disappointed that his story line didn't progress any further.

The scarecrow he sees at the end is merely a hallucination so we could easily see Jonathan before he fully becomes Scarecrow if Gotham does it well enough. The longer they have him gone for, the more chance he'll have already become the Scarecrow when he comes back. Either way it means that no matter what, he's going to be coming back to some decent story lines, or at least with the potential to build some up.

Like Zsasz he is a wasted opportunity, but it's more of a problem here because he hasn't even made an appearance, or been mentioned since he was in it.

You can recap on Jonathan's story so far here.

Jonathan Crane in Season 1 Episode 15
Jonathan Crane in Season 1 Episode 15

So these are 5 of the characters that need to be brought back or used better/more often in Gotham. Do you agree with this list? If you had to pick a character that deserves to be brought back or used more, who would it be? Let me know in the comments!

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