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I have always had this since I was 18, I'm now 21. Even if I take a small nap, I feel like I'm awake in my own dream & look around seeing hallucinations of demons, shadows, & other scary things. One night at a sleep over I slept kinda stiffed since I was in the corner of the bed I couldn't move much. I felt this great pressure in my chest & a scary growling sound right in my ear as if I really heard that! I was so afraid I could see a dog like shadow. I knew I was asleep & I tried to scream for help. My friend was fast asleep I tried moving my arms & wrists but nothing worked. I was so afraid that finally my friend heard me mumble in my sleep paralysis state & moved me. I was crying, I couldn't breathe the pressure on my chest hurt so much I gasped for air. For those of you who have never experienced this. Lucky you. You really don't want to experience this & mostly at night.

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