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Anime and Art lover. If it does not have action, I am not buying the ticket!

Harley has 2 faces, and so does Margot who has shown she can do diverse roles.

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D is who she was prior to meeting the Joker. A Psychologist, with good smile, demure, just a class act. Then, there is the party side, Harley Quinn, that comes out. She has very real issues, such as her abusive relationship with her Puddin (the Joker). She is a dynamic character that deserves to lead this movie. She is not perfect, nor does she try for it. In way she shatters female roles by just who she is. I really hope that she does not fall into the Black Widow trap of kissing all her team mates and relegated to cleaning up their messes. If DC does their job right, she should be pure shock and awe. Her character should shatter the Hollywood glass ceiling.

Hopefully, if toys do come out, Harley is the first. Honestly, I just hope Will Smith does not drag the movie down. He has had his day.

Margot, go get em!

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