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We used to live in a rent house in Bangalore...I don't know about any ghostly activities before...But this one night..It was a summer night mom,dad and brothers all used to sleep on terrace due to lot of power cuts....I would also sleep with them...It was around 11 or something...when I heard a strange footsteps sound when I was in the kitchen getting some water to go up.

I knew for sure I had heard the footsteps..but all of them were already on the thinking that I might have misjudged,I just drank water and went to sleep.Later that night,We came back to room,I was in deep sleep when suddenly..something woke me up.Due to deep sleep my eyes were blurry,I saw a little girl sitting on a chair in front of heartbeat dropped to 0...I was literally screaming at highest pitch possible,But...My voice wasn't coming out.It was like someone had held my neck or something...Then when I rubbed my eyes for clear look...Nobody was on that chair.

I know what I saw that day.Nobody believed me,but since that night...I started to believe that ghosts exist and..They communicate with you.I didn't have the courage to face it at that age.

Well,That's my real-life experience.

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