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Manga artist Daromeon imagines creating a wildly absurd fighting game and has been putting his queer thoughts into pedantic efforts sporadically for nine years now. Like every other human being, he lost direction at some time and three years ago, he decided to bring the game to life with a new vigor. He is well-known for his illustrated work on the Kengan Ashua series.

The project started in 2007 when he drew his first 2-D computer caricatures to make a fighting game together with his friends.

Daromeon has been developing the game in his spare time. Despite his time restrictions, his idea for character animations and the twitter videos he has conjured up makes this Darkstalking-style battle game stand out. According to the developer, character animations are designed to have the maximum visual impact with the minimal amount of work possible. Instead of embarking on a period of creating complex leg and arm movements, props like tires and propellers fill the void, save time & effort and also gives a cartoon level visual style.

This character animation reminds me of the onomatopoeia plorp which I heard for the first time when a 30th century DC superhero appeared for a Legion of Super-Heroes screen test.

Daromeon cites influences such as the film and anime series Akira (1982 and 1988 respectively) and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995). He also points to games such as Street Fighter III (1999), and modern artists Terada Katsuya and Aida Makoto

Seriously, this is fabulous. The backdrop image is aesthetically gold. The gameplay is gold. The character animation is gold. The sound effect is gold. The shit flung by the gorilla is gold!

Oneachanchan, as the creator mentions, is just a working title. This is what I learnt from various sources. Presumably, the game tells the story of a fragmented joint-family always at loggerheads with each other. So, they decide to clear all misunderstandings by brawling on a M.U.G.E.N platform ridiculed with convoluted ideas one could think about.

Every character in the game is a family member. The protagonist will be a school girl (eldest sister in the family) named Oneachan. Ohjeachan, the green headed thing is the father while the giant blue head on wheels is her grandpa and the grumpy Gorilla is her pet. The scantily clad fresco in the background is a universal entity ; a watcher committed to observing the world. Phew!

He is just one guy, he is working on a weekly manga , he just became a father. He also said, according to a translation available on reddit (unverified), Only 2 characters have been created. I have wasted a lot of effort on them but everything else is unfinished. The game is already over 300MB with just the 2 characters.

Needless to say, his vision is very unusual (from a non-manga perspective) and amusing too. The game is days away from fruition but the good news is the game will be free when released. You can try the pre-release if you can tolerate bugs, glitches and errors. Follow Daromeon on Twitter

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