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For this week’s writing challenge, we’re bestowing upon you the glory of entertaining, shocking, beguiling or humoring us with your stories and experiences around #datingtruths. Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of a bad first-date, and awkward encounter with the parents, a pick-up line that went awry, an embarrassing dating moment you can never forget, or perhaps a foray into the ever-expanding platforms for online dating.

Do you have a first-hand story around the topic you’ve been wanting to get off your chest? We’re offering 5 x $25 Amazon vouchers for the best submissions, which will also be featured in a beautifully curated fanzine and promoted on our homepage.

- Be a personal experience
- Aim to evoke an emotion in the reader (humor, shock, awe, inspiration, understanding, empathy etc.)

  1. - Craziest first date
  2. - Most embarrassing dating story
- Experience with online-dating
- How dating has changed for you over the years
- Meeting your date’s parents/ extended family
- Tips for a successful first date (ice-breakers, conversation topics etc.)
- Bad first dates that led to a relationship
- Being a third-wheel on a date
- Have another idea? We’re all ears (and eyes!)

Make sure to tag your article with #DatingTruths.

Every article will appear on the hashtag page, and the best 5 articles will receive a $25 Amazon gift voucher and be featured in a beautiful curated Fanzine.

Want to chat about your idea first? Chat to us on creators chat or email us at [email protected] 

Articles must be submitted before 12pm ET. on Sunday Jan 15th, 2017 to be considered.