Welcome to the verified masterclass

An immersive, hands-on program for Verified Creators


As a Verified Creator, you've already shown us your talent for writing fan-powered content. Now, we're giving you the opportunity to access a world of knowledge from within the publishing industry that you won't find anywhere else.

The Verified Creators Masterclass is your chance to fine-tune your writing and start building your own personal style and brand. You'll gain deeper insights into digital publishing and sharpen your instincts for what really captures the attention of an audience - all while writing about what makes you happy! 


As part of the program, you'll work closely with one of our experienced editors who will help you further develop your abilities and expand your scope as a writer. From pitching article ideas to receiving constructive feedback, you'll join a small and motivated team of Creators to build confidence and gain valuable tools and insights from your personal editor.

what we're offering

  • Get 1-1 coaching to strengthen technical and creative skills

  • Understand your audience and learn why people share

  • Increase earning potential and expand your audience

  • Build a compelling portfolio to showcase your talent

For any questions about the program, send us a message on Creators Chat.