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Allow me to debrief you. 2 days ago, I wrote an article titled Robert Knepper For The Joker. After reading the comments and thinking to myself about the topic, I thought, "wow, there are so many villains that Mr. Knepper can play in the Marvel AND DC universes." So, let me list some ideas that I've heard for the villains that Knepper can portray. Keep in mind that these are NOT in order of importance.

1. The Joker

Obviously, I think that Mr. Knepper would be a great Joker. That's why I wrote an article about it. But in a comment, one of you suggested that DC goes with a Red Hood storyline. Uh, YES. Give some character to Batman's greatest foe! Tell the story of a failed comedian driven insane, turned into a criminal, fell in a vat of acid, yada, yada, yada. I know that Tim Burton sort of took this approach with 1989’s Batman. But how about a Joker movie? I know it’s ambitious, and I know it’s not coming any time soon. But think about it. Kay? J

2. Cletus Cassidy A.K.A 'Carnage'

Could this tie into a Venom spin-off? I'm not sure what plans Sony has for the Amazing Spiderman quadrilogy, but if they wanted to introduce Carnage, I could see Robert Knepper in this role. Although, respectively, he's a bit too old to be fighting ole Garf. Still, we can dream, can't we?

3. Victor Zsasz

This choice could easily be at the top of the list. In Prison Break, the series that I first saw Knepper in, I hated his character. He did such an excellent job playing a psychopath that he actually made me angry! I believed that Theodore (T-Bag) Bagwell was a crazy killer. So, that’s why I chose Zsasz. He's a psychopathic killer with arguably no regard for human life, who, with each kill, gives himself a tally mark on his body. Right up Bagwell's err.. Knepper's alley.

4. The Riddler

A few of you mentioned it, so it shall be addressed! Edward Nigma, an absolute genius and problem solver, as well as problem maker for The Dark Knight. I can see Knepper in this role simply because of his intellect, villainy and wit. He could make the Riddler cool again. No offence to Jim Carrey but... yeah. Personally, he wouldn't be my first choice for the Riddler, but I'll throw it in anyway.

5. Hugo Strange

One of my personal favorite villains in Batman's rogue gallery because of the upper hand he has on the Bat. By possessing the knowledge of his secret identity, Strange makes a dangerous foe. I'm saying it again, R.K. can portray a genius, psychopath, and villain brilliantly.

6. Jackal

Finally, not one of Spidey's most well known adversaries, but he plays a significant role in the comics. Dr. Miles Warren, who looks like my old chiropractor (creepy), was a biology professor who had serious beef with Gwen Stacy and, eventually after she died, cloned her AND Peter Parker, only to enrage Spiderman years later, leading to the professors demise. Sorta. Oh, he also has enhanced agility and strength because... well, science! You know the story. The Jackal is my top pick. I know it's a long shot to ever see the clone saga story line but, I'll hold out.

Main point: Robert Knepper NEEDS to be a comic book villain. So, I guess that about wraps it up! If you have any more suggestions as to who Robert Knepper should be cast as feel free to drop a comment! Or, you can tell me I'm completely crazy. Either way, I want to hear your opinions!

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