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As I’m sure you’re all aware, earlier this week, actor handsome extraordinaire Channing Tatum confessed that he would be interested in playing Remy LeBeau a.k.a Gambit in a future X-Men movie. As the internet continued to entertain us with reactions (as they generally do) I began to ponder the possibilities of Gambit’s big screen portrayal. Unless you are a comic buff or familiar with the 90’s cartoon, you may be asking yourself.. “Who is Gambit?" So... ORIGIN STORY!

Remy LeBeau grew up on the streets of New Orleans. Separated from his parents at birth, a young Remy was raised by the LeBeau street clan/family/gang . Guild! That’s it. Anyway, the Thieves Guild taught Remy to steal, and become a con-man. At the age of 10, Remy began to realize his vast and virtually limitless abilities as a mutant. By creating, manipulating and projecting kinetic energy, Remy became known as Gambit.

Personally, I’ve always been attracted to Gambit. I mean… not like that. If Channing Tatum plays Gambit then,… I mean… sigh I digress. Gambit is an interesting character and has always had that nonchalant attitude. He’s a part of the X-Men but he’s not REALLY all there. Much like Logan in the sense that he just gets up and leaves whenever he wants…

Here’s the thing about comic book movies, or any movies made from books. .. WE, the fans, might absolutely adore the character, but if everyday movie-goers don’t find this particular character interesting, then our dreams are crushed when it doesn’t even get passed the focus groups. I mean, let’s face it. Hollywood is all about the mullah. $_$

But my job is to make you WISH he was in a movie! So, queue the list!!!

(In no particular order)

1: Channing Tatum

Honestly, the guy looks like Gambit a little! I could see him with black eyes, and that awesome mask! The question is…. Does Mr. Suave have the acting chops to pull it off? He’s played the quiet, reserved type before, so we know he has that. Physically, the guy is in tip top shape, so no worries there. He’s a big name and will most likely be chosen.

2: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

If anyone on my list LOOKS like Gambit, it’s this guy. He’s best known for roles in movies like Mission Impossible 3, starring alongside Tom Cruise and Bend It Like Beckham. And TV show portrayals as Elvis Presley , which won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor and King Henry VIII in The Tutors. Meyers isn’t a huge name, but he has the ability to make this role come alive. Not to mention… I mean, seriously, spitting image. I’m sure Stan Lee would say the same!

3: Jake Gyllenhaal

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just throw him in here cause he’s one of my favorite actors of all time. Obviously a well known name, Gyllenhaal can without a doubt convince me that he truly is Remy LeBeau. Physically, the dude can do it. (No Brokeback Mountain pun intended). Also, he just co-stared next to our very own Huge AckMan in Prisoners! (Hugh Jackman. Seriously, don’t be stupid.) Oh Jake, just tweet me back!!!

4: Hugh Jackman

Because Hugh should play EVERY role in every movie ever. The entire X-Men cast played my Hugh Jackman. It would be a beautiful existence. <3 H.J ! So there you are. My top 3 choices to play the role of Remy LeBeau a.k.a Gambit in any future X-Men related installments! What do you think? If you agree, tell me why! If you don’t, keep your stinkin mouth shut!..... Just kidding, I wanna hear you too!

Also, if you love Hugh Jackman as much as I do, put a <3 in the comment. :D

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