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Hercules has got an extended TV Spot entitled "God Will Fear One Man." We get to hear Ian McShane impart his wisdom in voiceover while getting to see a bit more of John Hurt as the King.

Check it out below:

The story follows Hercules, a reluctant hero who is a descendant of a God; half man, half God. After the death of his family, he decides to become a warrior, some revenge for him, and some freedom for the people. Everyone's a winner.

I have to say I'm getting sick of these films that always seem to need a battle or a showdown at the end of them now. I think Lord of the Rings secured that fate for blockbuster cinema - even the Fast and Furious franchise is jumping on that bandwagon. Just like everything in cinema it's a cycle, I just think that this one is wearing thin right now.

That said, I see this as a good old Saturday night at the flicks. If you're expecting anything more than sheer entertainment or 'putting your brain in the pickle jar' for a few hours then your wrong. Expect Gladiator meets 300, but probably a bit more 300.

What'd you think of the trailer?



Source: Io9

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