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No there is Not a new He-Man. At least not in theaters like there should be.
No there is Not a new He-Man. At least not in theaters like there should be.

I gotta say though for nothing more than my own selfish reasons why He-Man should make a return. Same reasons why we all want our favorite childhood cartoons to come back. We miss them!!

There are well over a dozen cartoons or even video games like Mortal Kombat and comics such as Spawn that we've all seen but know can be done better. Me personally, id love to see He-Man come back but not just come back like it was as children. Maybe give it a little twist for those same children at heart like this new concept art of He-Man and Skeletor.

A couple of ideas to fit the new look. First idea was a long hard last battle for all of Eternia. Blood, guts, the works because we know this isnt a kids movie anymore. By no ones fault and a quick decision by Battle Cat to save He-Man he gets caught in the cross fire ultimately ending his life. He-Man aslo known as prince Adam by day falls into a slum in a bad way leaving Eternia for the taking by Skeletor and who ever was left of his men. He-Man picks up Battle Cat and walks off. No one knows where...

After He-Man fell they rest went shortly one by one and were banished for life. With Skeletor in rule over Eternia he grew more powerful and his magic stronger thus the flames burning around his skull. Twice as wicked and more poweful he made sure no one would take his new thrown.

After so long of grieving over the loss of Battle Cat He-Man finally makes an appearance bader and meaner then ever. We dont know were he's been or what he's been doing but some how in his rage and sorrow he was never able to become Prince Adam again. To the world Prince Adam died with his best friend Cringer aka Battle Cat. Now placed upon his head and shoulders lays the body and soul of his old friend to remind Skeletor that Battle Cat Still lives and he wont stop until Skeletor and all his minions are dead.

With the new armor and the soul of Battle Cat He-Man is also stronger and more powerful than before. This can be the final battle to make things right and end it all.

Well its just an idea. The other idea was that there never was a Battle Cat. This was He-Mans natural barbarian look. Anyway. Im always trying to draw something different and new. This is nothing more than Fan art and ideas id like to see come alive. You can follow me on instagram @artmartinez22179 were i post most my drawings or facebook. Art Martinez. Tell me what you think or how you like these concepts.


Who would like to see He-Man make a comeback??

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