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My older sister and I used to play The Sims 1 together when we were like 7 and 9 years old. Our mother would buy all the expansions so we had some pretty cool things to put in our houses. The thing that had caught our attention was a firework. We first tested the rocket outside and watched our Sims look like they had never seen it before every time they launched it.

Then things got sinister. We decide to see if it worked indoors. We locked a Sim in a 4x4 room with some chess boards and a firework. He lit it, and he burned. Then things got worse. We created the biggest size lot in the game and placed a 10x10 building with one door and a flat screen TV in it. We would make the maximum number of Sims per household, lock them in and burn them all. We did this for weeks until we had filled the lot with graves.

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