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Ok so mine is a two part story...part one is when me and my wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) was living with my mom late at night we would hear voices one night while laying in bed with no tv or radio on we heard a woman's voice say ok. Another night when I was upstairs in the kitchen I heard what sounded like my mom and my wife's voice at the same time call me from the dark dining room when I answered I heard a evil laugh soon after. Part two is one night while I was asleep I was dreaming I was walking through the woods late at night the deeper I got the more darker it got when I got to the center of the woods there was a camp fire I stood by it and out of the darkness came a being he was tall and had pitch black spiked hair and pitch black eyes and mouth almost as if they were missing he said he could help me if I only said yes to him so I refused and woke up a few nights later I saw him again in my dreams and this time I said yes and woke up again but this time I just so happened to turn my head out the window an look across the street and there he was standing there looking at me across the street I blinked a few time and he was gone I later came to terms that he is my sport guide.

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