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When my husband and I had our 2 month old daughter, Kaitlin, we went to PA to visit his grandparents. We got in late and I put Kaitlin to bed in a crib in the upstairs room. I Kaye's her on her stomach and put the blanket over the rail of the crib. I brought the monitor down with me just in case she woke up. We were all in the kitchen eating doughnuts-- when I heard a noise and the lights moved up and down on the monitor. I asked my husband to go check on the baby. At that moment a lady's voice said, " Shh, they're coming! " I ran upstairs and into the room. The rocking chair next to the crib was moving and my daughter was now laying on her back with the blanket up to her chest. I slept in that room that night and left the next morning. I NEVER went back there.

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