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Why would you bother changing? I am a big spider man fan. I've been watching the movies and shows since I was only a lil girl. I know that you wanna younger person to play Peter Parker, but really why change ? Andrew Garfield played such a great role as playing as Peter/Spider-Man. He has done nothing wrong. I just don't get why you would technically 'Fire' a perfectly fixed actor for the role. No I'm just saying this because he's a great looking guy, I'm saying this because you's are throwing away an amazing actor (which i am sure will get other great roles) don't get me wrong the other two actors that might get the part seem to be really good as I have seen both in movies before. But in my opinion and a lot more fans opinion, keep Andrew Garfield. He's done nothing wrong and is a amazingly good actor and great actor for the role. I think you'd just be getting rid of something that doesn't need getting rid of.☺️

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