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I'm guessing Seth let being in the spot-light get to him. Out of the crimes he committed, the DUI was definitely the worst. People who know me would say I enjoy my spirits, so I'm not judging Inebriation. But choosing to drive while impaired is sooooo not a thing to be taken lightly now that awareness of sober driving is emphasized in society today. I don't want seths contract to be canceled and he lose the experience of a lifetime seeing how nothing life-impacting happened to anyone innocent. I'm not impressed with Seth's choices that night. He stars on the most popular AMC program, I don't think cab fare was an issue. On the possession issue; I live in Canada. Herb is a national product. Lol. Two year license suspension and a fine and he should attend driving classes. That would be my punishment not because the public intoxication or possession but because of his reckless-ness.

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