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While that conclusion is nice and all, tying up a lot of loose ends. Let's all face it, the writers of this show wouldn't end the season in such a logical way. There's always that last twist, that last surprise to keep the show going. To keep the audience coming back for more. Now that bit about the starved vampires coming back is probably spot on. From last week's tease with Kai ringing in the vampires for dinner. If we know anything, Damon is gonna have a huge part in her last moments in mystic falls. And this might just be me but hey what the hell! Stefan is probably gonna get worked into this somehow. As everyone knows when she was human Stefan was her guy. Not knocking Damon at all but it's a possibility. I'm ready for the show tomorrow! And even though Nina won't be back for another season I'm reluctantly looking forward to a new season coming out of my favorite show!

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