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First of all, this is a good thing that someone is considering the obvious. 3/4 of the planet is water. We are a species on borrowed time, and the experience we could gain collectively as a part of an environmental experiment like this, would be invaluable for space exploration. I think we are, as are all living things in the multiverse, destined to seed this universe with life. This would be the best set of training wheels we could ever hope for. I think their plan is too ambitios, and expensive though. 24$ billion is too expensive for anything that can crumble with an earthquake or any act of god. Its best to do as humans have done for millennia which is form small groups and villages, and see which villages have the best formulas for survival, rather than all the eggs in a single basket. I've researched this and i would like to be a part of something like this! i hope it works!

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