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Silent hills looked like the best horror game to have come since the first resident evil..p.t looked as if you put so much potential & thought into it, i love games that make you think & screw with your mind & hearing that its been cancelled really breaks my heart as a gamer, i had so much anxiety when i seen the news of what has happened with the game..please if you care about your fans as we care for the great things you make, then you will fight for this game to be released as we are fighting for it now, this game could be the classic of horror games in years & could break sales of all games over the past years, this game has so much potential to it man it clings onto you and pulls you into it not being aware of your surroundings except for the game itself..please as a fan i beg of you to let this game happen..please, alot can change over a year & hopefully this does :(

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