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Jared Leto may seem an accomplished actor to some, but in my opinion he'll fall short. Not through lack of trying. He's throwing enough bells and whistles at this edition all he'll need to do is stand there. The tattoos, the physique and the hype surrounding the character are all to mask the fact that there may not be too much substance behind the role. Take a look at Heaths role: green hair die, some KILLER prosthetics and the mad man was born. What came to be known as the his version didn't need all that. Trying to reinvent the wheel like the new joker-to-be is attempting to do, also lacks credibility somewhat as they may be straying too far from what we know as "the joker." Even the resent news that Leto is taking the same strategy towards the character as Heath would suggest there's a lack of legitimacy to the role. All together this version may well be a big buzz with no sting.

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