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So one day I was walking on my bus.I had sat down and my friends just started talking about the Illuminati.They had been talking about celebrities and conspiracy theories.I had started listening.My bus driver told us to look up "Blood Sacrifice pt 1" on YouTube.So I did.And here came more theories.I looked up "Beyoncé single ladies backwords" and was scared but okay.So for the rest of the day I just brushed it off.Till I went to bed.That night I woke up and I swear I felt a bad presence there.I just stayed up.I finally fell asleep again.For the next few days I slept fine.Then I woke up again and felt the presence their.(I am religious.I am terrified of demons.) But that night I stood up and said "LISTEN.I WILL NOT LET YOU KEEP ME FROM SLEEP.MAY GOD HELP ME.GET OUT NOW!" After that I sept good.But I feel scared still.

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