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As buffy the vampire fans there's a question that bares answering, although any research I've done isn't proven in season 6 buffy summers the star of the show is poisoned by a demon raised by the trio which has her in an alternate reality where she believes she still in LA in a mental asylum surrounded by her family and told that all the demons, the hell mouth Giles and all her friends are figments of her imagination including dawn being the key to the dimension from season 5,

At the end of the episode she manages to break her hold or does she?, as she comes through for her friends she's took to one side the side that she's a slayer. The one the only chosen one, and the doctor says she's gone and they've lost her.

so the question is, is buffy a crazy girl from Los angeles or is she the slayer?

can only be one so which one is it?

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