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I think Marvel has done a lot of back story on all of the other Avengers, I was a HUGE fan of the Ed Norton movie and wanted more, I swallowed the fact that my favorite actor would no longer be my favorite marvel character and I truly think marvel hit a home run with Ruffalo. Hulk has a huge role in the Marvel universe. His father working with Howard Stark on the gamma bomb, his involvement with Betty and Thunderbolt Ross, not no mention working for shield. There's the super prison the Cube that could be explored, don't shoot him into outerspace. There is way too much connectivity for Banner to the MCU and his green alter ego. Not to mention Thad Ross and Red Hulk, and a talking completely in control Hulk, they are just gonna waste this amazing character and all his amazing stories that connect him and Banner to tons of different aspects of the MCU, get cracking on this Disney/Marvel you have more than done the job of creating an audience for Hulk

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