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Digimon series one was a HUGE part of my tween childhood, when all my friends were hung up on pokemon which I never brother and I watched recorded and rewatched all the episodes. When we heard there was a game coming out it for it we knew we HAD to get it!!!! With months to plan for its release we worked hard cutting grass and doing yard work to earn enough money to first but a PlayStation, then the game and the guide. It was alot of work! But was worth it, we loved the game as much as the series. To this day, we still will randomly call each other and see who can remember the name of certain digimon that appeared in this or that episode, etc, lol he is 31 years old now and I'm a 27 yr old married mother of one :) digimon is forever in my memory!! Thank you for that part of my childhood! Sincerely, a die-hard fan of digimon

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