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As always Mavel has stepped up their game and now has rubbed it in the face of DC comics. Keep in mind that DC has had a head start from the jump. With the likes of" WB " having so much money that they can't make a good movie. Let me correct myself, with the" Batman trilogy and man of steel " they did great job, plus their TV show are banging, but over all, they can't stand to compete with Marvel. I'm hoping that when the "Suicide squad" and" Batman vs Superman" coming out they can change that. But they have alot to do. Marvel is putting at least 4 movie's a year. ..what's going on with DC ? You hear a lot of rumors about movies coming out of the DC camp and it's taking them like 10 years to get it done. I'm pretty happy with Marvel, being that I'm 50 yrs old and all my favorite hero's and villains are coming to the screen, that before I die I will get to enjoy them.

How do you feel. Please feel free to respond, I enjoy a good debate.

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