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High-rise buildings are the characteristics of any city. With increasing population density in cities (thanks to urbanization) and the “high” rise in property prices, things have become more congested than ever. Therefore, builders are opting to build structures that touch the sky. However, if you are a parent with toddlers running around your legs, then high-rise buildings tend to be scarier than usual.

Make Balconies Safer For Your Child

While prominent developers incorporate some level of child safety in their agenda there are a number of things that you can do to make your home even safer for your little one.

Fill those Gaps: More often than not, high-rise building balconies have glass railings. These glass railings are often not attached directly to the concrete wall. There is a significant amount of gap between the wall and the glass railing itself; this is a potential threat to the safety of your child as he/she might get stuck in these gaps. The best way to tackle this is to block the gap. You can use cardboard pieces to fill the gap. Simultaneously you can use plastic tubes and wooden pieces to seal the opening. Make sure that in whatever you use it should not help the child getting his foot stuck in.

Get few Extra Locks: Balcony doors should be your first priority. All you have to do is improvise on the existing door so that your child is safe. The logical thing to do is add few extra locks to the door. Make sure that these locks are not accessible to your little one. In addition, you can add alarms and safety gates.

Avoid Furniture: A very important thing to remember: never put any furniture near the railings. Children can use the furniture to climb on and put themselves in harm’s way. If you have horizontal railings (something you must completely avoid), which again your child can climb on, close them as mentioned earlier.

Supervise: Always keep an eye on them, or have someone else do that for you. You must also be aware of furniture or toys that are light enough for your child to carry and climb on.

Educate: Other than taking all preventive measures, it is very important to educate your child about the potential hazards and importance of safety. While they might not be able to comprehend everything you say it is important that you do this to ensure their safety.

These few hacks can help make balconies safer for your child. What do you think about this blog post? Share your suggestions, feedback and thoughts on this post by commenting below.

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