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I think that if Wolverine appeared in the Deadpool movie (as Hugh Jackman) it would be the greatest way to end the story as Wolverine. Wolverine is my favorite. He deserves a whole lot more credit that he gets. If I could choose to be one Superhero,it would be Wolverine! He has skills much more enhanced that that of a human. He can do what he wants,when he wants. He could take out the best of the best if he wanted to! So I think that if he appeared in the Deadpool movie,it wouldn't be a second chance,but much more special. Because if he appears in this amazing work of art... Then I'm sure they will make him the best he would've ever been and could've ever been. That would be a great way for him to go out. In my opinion,he should help Deadpool in he movie! Showing skills that you may see in the comics,but even better. Making him look like the best. Because after all,quote Wolverine,"I am the best at what I do. But what I do,isn't very nice."

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