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im a fan of both the dragon ball animes/ manga and superman as an avid comics fan. i wholeheartedly agree with just about everything in this article, and being able to look at it objectively obvious helped. HOWEVER!!! you overlooked a couple key facts to this scenario. 1: goku has train on planets with gravitys hundreds of times that of earth or even krypton for that matter and with weighted clothing and weights on his arms and legs. 2: instant this one technique can be over looked is surprising, because honestly its a trump card....goku may not match up in strength (which im not overly convinced of) but even so all hes gotta do is take mr. supes somewhere with a red son....or to supreme kai who can materalize any substance in the universe ( like when the z sword broke) and have the little purple homie make some kryptonite. although itd be great to debate, im just not convinced its as hands down for supes as most people would think

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