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What do we think here? Goku or Superman?
I'm not that straight-forward, but for the record I'm like Goku more than Superman...

But, they say Superman will probably win. Hah, have they forgotten about Super Saiyan God?
I saw the movie 'Battle of Gods', and I've got a pretty good idea about Goku's power and stamina.

Goku fought with Lord Beerus (Who was pretty terrible), and he did keep up for long, and even Lord Beerus said Goku was his 2nd Strongest battle, so who was the 1st?
I think that Goku will probably win, because of Super-Saiyan God, and I hope so, but their won't be a fair battle, because DC's fans will make Superman win and DBZ's fans will make Goku win, but imagine a fair Combat, I've Imagined it and I think Goku will win.

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