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I have 4 scars the first is from getting a fork stuck in my chin when I was about 2 years old ... my father had left a can of I think ravioli on the table along with a fork and I was able to climb up on the chair I got the fork and went for the can but couldn't quite reach so I lost my balance and somehow managed to jab myself in the chin with the fork. The second I had to have a bilateral hernia surgery in my groin so I have two scars from that, the third and fourth are in the same exact spot but from two different surgeries first I ruptured my spleen just from tripping over my own two feet, I fell on my ribs and split the spleen in half, I had life saving surgery for that that gave me a "zipper" from the opening of my ribs to my bellybutton, and the last was to have my gallbladder removed and they reopened my "zipper".

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