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I never thought that the game Charlie would be reall.Throughout life we all have heard about games that invokes a bad spirit or a demon.But now the game Charlie had become a challenge.It was just a stupid game thats what i thought.There is actually forces from the underworld,and all this has been proven.Not everyone believes in the supernatural but thats okay theres no problem with that.Well going back to the game i came to a conclusion that there is forces that can manifest themselves and games like the ouji board could actually be reall.So one day i decided to play the Charlie game the original one with my friends.I never actually thought that it would work but it did.Once i started playing it with my friends the the force Charlie manifested.The pencils started to move it wasn't me or my friends who were moving it all of us were frozen solid and when we started asking questions the pencils started to move slowy

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